Caviar Moments

~”You don’t have to agree with my dream, just see it when it happens.” Robert D. Cooper

~ “God will show you His best when you stand through the mess. Be blessed in your going through. Keep your mind set and your mindsight on God.” Regyna Cooper

~”My high school track coach, Coach Mike Burns, taught me to never look back, it only slows you down.” James R. Cooper

~” My problems are not the obstacles before me, no, my problems are the thoughts within me. ” James R. Cooper

~” Quit focusing on your problems and focus on the lesson you’re being taught and the opportunity you’re being presented. ” James R. Cooper

~”The door will be opened for you, your gifts and talents will give you access, but it takes grace, passion and desire to keep you there! ” James R. Cooper

Conversation with James

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